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Our store includes 10,000 square feet of open play space & two private rooms for gaming. 

The Board Game Library is open daily for game rentals. Call or ask a TJ's team member for details on using our library.

We charge a cover of $5 per 3 hours to use our gaming tables, per player. The cover charge is then returned to each player in the form of $5 vouchers redeemable in our cafe. Our cafe includes: pizza, chicken tenders, quesadillas, baked goods, ice cream, coffee, and bottled drinks.

If you have any questions on open play, or organized play for Magic, Warhammer, D&D, or any other brands, please feel free to call the store: 508-473-5874.

Magic the Gathering:

Friday: Commander League @ 5:30 ($5 café voucher per 3 hours), Modern and Pioneer @ 7:00 ($15). Booster Draft @ 7pm ($18).


Saturday: Commander League @ 11am ($5 Cafe Voucher per 3 hours), Booster Draft @ 6:00 ($18-most recent standard legal set),


Sunday: Commander League @ 11 ($5 café voucher per 3 hours),

If you're interested in meeting other players from our MTG group, please join our Facebook MTG Page: (2) TJ Cafe Magic Crew | Facebook


If you're interested in setting up a game, or getting to know the players in our community, please join our Warhammer FB page: (3) TJ Cafe Warhammer Crew | Facebook

Friday nights after 5PM tend to be our busiest night for open play. All players are welcome to come down, and say hello. We have a great community, and our players are always interested in introducing others to the game.

We hold tournaments once a month. These tournaments are advertised on our Warhammer Facebook group, and on the app: "Best Coast Pairings". Registration is also done on the app. 

Dungeons & Dragons


We hold organized play for new players and experienced players. On alternating Mondays we host D&D Beginner's Night, where new players can meet up with a Dungeon Master ("DM") who will introduce you to D&D and help you set-up a character sheet. Give us a call or check out our Facebook events page for details.

Twice a month on Saturdays we hold experienced player meet-ups where players work through a campaign with a DM and multiple other players. The cost of each session is generally $10. Included in the cost is a $5 cafe voucher. 

If you're looking to become involved in our community, please visit our FB group at: TJ Cafe D&D Crew | Facebook or our discord group at: D&D @ TJs (


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